Features Designed for Marketing Teams

All of our features are included in every pricing plan so you can get the most out of LeadWire regardless of your messaging needs. 

SMS & MMS Campaigns

Reach thousands of contacts at once with SMS & MMS messaging.  Send marketing campaigns such as discounts, coupons, deals, sales events, and notifications.  You can also include Call-To-Actions such as URLs and phone numbers.
Click through rate

Click-Through Rate Analysis

Know exactly how many contacts actually responded to your Call-To-Actions within your campaigns.  LeadWire provides within its reports the number of clicks your campaigns had.

Campaign Scheduling

Have control of when you want to send campaigns.  Our campaign scheduling features allow you to choose a date and time when you want your campaign to be delivered, you will receive a confirmation when all messages are sent.

Subscriber Search

Search subscribers in each audience by their phone or name and easily find them in order to update or remove them from your campaigns manually

Export Reports in CSV

Every report provided in LeadWire is exportable to a CSV file you can then use to further analyze your data.

Save Campaigns as Drafts

Work at your own pace, LeadWire allows you to save campaigns for being sent later as drafts that will store all your progress.

Opt-Out Reports

See how many subscribers opt-out of your campaigns by audience.  That way you can adjust your messaging accordingly.

Unlimited Users

Create as many team members as your want with an easy to use Admin Panel that allows you to manage their access.

Automatic Replies

Set automatic replies for opt-in subscribers. This also might be used to implement specific use cases, such as subscribing to receive a discount.


Two-Way Text Messaging

Expand your customer service channels with our two-way messaging feature. Create conversations with your contacts, or text with them when they reply to your campaigns.

Custom Fields

Add custom fields to your audiences and store more data from your customers.  Use this data to filter your campaigns further and reach the right people with targeted content. 


Customer Acquisition Tools

LeadWire’s lead generation tools allow you to create Sign-up forms you can embed into your website or publish through a QR-Code you can generate and save for print or digital media.  Finally, you can set up unique keywords for your audiences that your contacts may text to your assigned number to subscribe.

URL Shortening image

Short Links

Maximize your campaign message content by shortening the amount of characters used with our URL Shortener, this will also allow you to track your campaign’s Click-Through rate.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Our dashboard provides a quick insight into your LeadWire campaign’s activity and lets you apply useful filters and see your reached audience and opt-out subscribers.

Import Subscribers from CSV file

Already have a list of subscribers? Easily import them to LeadWire from a CSV file.  You can download and use a template file which will allow you to use the right format.

Dedicated Business Phone Numbers

Acquire one or multiple phone numbers to send your campaigns from.  Assign different default numbers to your segmented audiences, campaigns will be sent from different numbers depending on the audience.

Embed Subscription Forms

Create and customize subscription forms you can easily embed to your website with an automatically generated HTML code.  Paste the code anywhere in your website and start growing your audience.

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