How Domino’s Pizza Puerto Rico uses LeadWire to boost their online sales.

6% increase in weekly online sales
1,000+ new subscribers

The Challenge

The food industry has always been a very competitive one and new technologies provide consumers with more options than ever.  Domino’s Pizza Puerto Rico was in search of tools to reach new customers and build deeper connections to help them grow their online sales.

The Outcome

Domino’s Pizza Puerto Rico was able to align their marketing activities with LeadWire to integrate SMS Marketing campaigns, improving their online sales and reaching new audiences.

Domino’s is one of the leaders in the national and international food industry and has been a pioneer in using technology to improve its customer service.  Domino’s Pizza Puerto Rico has 41 stores that are strategically located around the island to deliver the best service and continue to grow to reach even more customers. 

Their marketing team identified an opportunity to reach their customers with SMS campaigns to help them grow their online sales, that would seamlessly integrate with other digital efforts like social media.  In this case study we’ve detailed the team success.


Carolina, PR

Use Case

Improve online sales, Reach new audiences


Food and Beverage

Building Effective Campaigns

With the countless options consumers have nowadays to get the products and services they want from anywhere in the world, it’s essential to connect on a deeper more personal level with them.  To excel, brands need to communicate effectively through as many channels as possible since consumer preferences depend upon many variables.   

The Domino’s Pizza Puerto Rico marketing team quickly identified the opportunity presented by LeadWire to stand out with its customers.  They started by uploading to LeadWire their online store customer database, with the idea of retargeting them back to their online store. Then, they created SMS campaigns promoting limited-time offers to elicit a quick response from their customers, furthermore, they sent them at typical peak times (11 am for lunch and 5 pm for dinner) on crucial days of the week and holidays to improve the chance of conversion.


“Orders received through the link we send with text messages have come to represent 6% of total online weekly sales.”

Their Marketing Director, Leonardo Durán quickly saw the benefit and with internal metrics, they were able to measure the direct impact their SMS Campaigns had on their online sales. “It’s been a positive impact, especially for online orders through our website and mobile app.”

Countertop Banners

Reaching New Audiences

The vast majority of Domino’s Pizza Puerto Rico customers visit their physical stores around the island or directly call them for delivery.

Their marketing team identified this as an opportunity to reach new audiences with their SMS Campaigns and used LeadWire’s opt-in options to create a QR-Code they then placed on a countertop banner in each store to allow their customers to subscribe to their text campaigns. This way, these new subscribers are segmented which in turn allows them to send exclusive offers by region or a specific store.

“The countertop banners with the QR Code are generating more subscribers, which allows us to grow our audience and reach more customers with our text promotions."

On the other hand, this feature allows them to know exactly how many contacts have been generated in each store which gives them a clear engagement report they may use to be more/less aggressive with certain audiences. At the time of this study, more than 1,000 new contacts subscribed to receive text campaigns using stand-up banners.

Measuring Results

Domino’s Pizza Puerto Rico implemented the LeadWire’s Custom Domain add-on on their SMS Campaigns, which allows them to use their own domain and helps them improve their Click-Through rate since their content will be branded with a domain their customers know and trust. Furthermore, this gives them the ability to measure the results of their campaigns effectively with a Click report on LeadWire and on their online store Analytics.

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