5 SMS Marketing Campaigns examples that can boost your sales

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SMS Marketing campaigns are a great channel on their own when we talk about open rate and click-thorough rate, however, campaigns effectiveness can be improved with the right content, this post provides some useful examples that will boost your SMS Campaigns click through rate.

1. Holiday Promotions

The holidays are a great time to run promotions that customers can get excited about! Make sure your business is at the front of your customers’ mind when choosing where to shop for the holidays. Statistica states that 88% of shoppers use coupon codes, so putting a code in customer’s messages is a great way to bring them into your store (in store or your website).

Example: All Sweaters wants to run an Easter promotion for their spring collection

“HAPPY Easter! TODAY only, Spring sweaters BOGO with code “BUNNY”! Shop in store or online at allsweaters.com”

2. Customer Satisfaction Surveys

SMS surveys are a quick way to gather customer satisfaction data. Customers will be more receptive to providing useful satisfaction data when they are incentivized with a compelling post-survey offer or coupon.  The data provided in these surveys is a powerful way to adjust your strategy based on the customer’s interests and feedback.  

Example: Take our customer satisfaction survey to receive a coupon for a free dessert at Best Pizza in Town!  

3. Sign-Up Offers

Make your customers WANT to join your text message list. Keep your customers in the know by using embeddable subscription forms and keywords to subscribe into your lists. Include an offer for the customer to entice them to join your SMS audience! 

Example: Text “10off” to 813-803-6063 to join our text alerts and get 10% off your next order” 

4. Personalized Campaigns

Segment your audience so only the people who are interested in that campaign actually receive that campaign! Additionally, customers respond better to campaigns that address them by name! On LeadWire, you can include <Name> to personalize those messages.

Example: Create an audience for your trivia night attendees and send that audience reminders and promotions relating to trivia! “Thanks for coming to trivia <Name>, we can’t wait to see you at the next trivia night 4/22 @ 7!”

5. Include Links and Images

Including a clear call to action is crucial in your SMS marketing strategy, make sure to add a URL to direct your customers to your website or to view an image preview for your website or promotion!

Example: “Check out our new sweater line here at All Sweaters at Allsweaters.com”

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