How To Craft Your SMS Marketing Strategy [Download Template]

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This example strategic plan will take you through key aspects of your SMS marketing strategy through the example of “All Sweaters” in the month of December. And, check out our downloadable SMS campaign template!

SMS Strategy

Initial Message

Your initial message needs to accomplish several objectives:

  1. Make sure your audience knows who your messages are from, include your company name or similar
  2.  Urge your customers to add this number as a contact, so URL previews show correctly
  3. Mention that customers can reply “STOP” to opt out of your messages

Example initial message:

“Thank you for joining our text club at All Sweaters. Save this number for deals, events and MORE! We can’t wait to share. Rely STOP to opt out.”


It is crucial to create various audiences based on interest or location and send out targeted messages to those audiences. To keep your business on your customers’ radar while not overwhelming them, we recommend sending one message to each of your location audiences every two weeks and varying amounts of messages to each of your interest based audiences. 

Let’s say you’re All Sweaters and you have 3 location audiences: Tampa, Orlando, Miami

You also have interest-based audiences for: Christmas Sweaters, Spring Gear, Sales

As All Sweaters, you will have 6 audiences. Because some customers may be in multiple, you want to stagger your SMS outreach.

Let’s go through an effective SMS plan for All Sweaters in December.

Location Based

The mall All Sweaters Orlando is located in has some December events planned.

12/10- “All Sweaters Orlando- Come check out our winter collection AND grab a hot cocoa ALL DAY TODAY at Orlando Mall’s party!”

12/24- “ All Sweaters Orlando will have a special visitor for Christmas Eve! Come buy your sweaters and find out if you’re on the naughty or nice list!”

Tampa and Miami:
Tampa and Miami do not have any location based events or promotions for December, so All Sweaters will send their campaigns to both audiences.

12/16- “Come get your holiday sweaters at All Sweaters! Sales now through 12/24! In store or online at allsweaters.com”

12/30- “Ring in 2022 with a brand new sweater! Shop our 2022 collection NOW! In store or online at allsweaters.com’ 

Interest Based

Christmas Sweaters

This audience’s interest is heavily concentrated in the month of December, so we recommend sending 3 messages to this audience this month.

12/1- “Happy December! It’s officially Christmas sweater season. Get yours today at All Sweaters. In store or online at allsweaters.com”

12/18- “Only one week until Christmas, make sure to check out our amazing holiday sweater collection! In store or online at allsweaters.com”

12/25- “Merry Christmas, we hope you enjoyed our 2021 Christmas sweater collection! Vote for your favorite here allsweaters.com/vote”

Spring Gear

These people are not our target audience for the month of December, we recommend focusing on your other audiences this month.


 All Sweaters has 1 sale going on this month, so they should send a reminder message for that sale.

12/5 “BOGO holiday sweaters 12/5 though 12/10, in store or online at allsweaters.com/bogo”

All Sweater’s December SMS Calendar

 Below is All Sweater’s strategic SMS plan for the month of December. They send enough messages to be on the forefront of their customer’s mind but are careful not to overwhelm them. 

Download Our SMS Planning Template!

Click here to download our SMS planning template!

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