How an SMS Marketing Strategy can help grow your business

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Including SMS messaging into your marketing portfolio is a powerful way to engage, retain, and interact with customers. Texts are highly visible to the consumer as text message open rates are 98% and response rates are 45% These rates are more than four times than that of email messaging. Through these high open and response rates, marketers can effectively engage their target audience and market segment.
SMS Strategy

Marketers can effectively build business through LeadWire by using each of its key features.  

Building Audiences

LeadWire offers four unique ways to grow your audience and lead base. By utilizing each of these four strategies, marketers can organically grow their customer communications base.  

  1. Upload through a CSV file– Have you already compiled a list of leads? LeadWire wants to help you communicate with those leads right away.
  2. Add on LeadWire– LeadWire gives you the option to manually update contacts on our interface. 
  3. Through texting a keyword– When creating your audience, LeadWire gives you the chance to create a subscription keyword. You can display this code wherever your customers are to join your audience! 
  4. Embed on your website-LeadWire creates an embeddable subscription form for your website, so visitors can sign up for your messages. 

Segmenting Audiences

LeadWire allows you to create different audiences for different campaigns! Have multiple stores? Want to target different segments differently? LeadWire allows you to send campaigns to specific or multiple audiences.  

Sending Marketing Campaigns

Keep your customers engaged through sending promotions and coupons! Your customers can hear updated information about your company and learn about important updates, sales, and promotions!  

Send Surveys

Marketers can send a variety of surveys through LeadWire and can generate powerful market research reports from their customer feedback.    

View real-time reports

LeadWire generates survey reports based on customers’ responses. You can learn from your customer while keeping them engaged with your company! 

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