How can different types of businesses use LeadWire?

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LeadWire is a versatile marketing platform for many types of businesses. SMS marketing has proven to be successful in many industries to engage with customers in a fast and efficient way, in this article we discuss how customers from different industries can benefit by using LeadWire and improve the performance of their marketing campaigns. If you aren’t sure how LeadWire has a use in your company, reach out to us and we would love to offer creative uses for our platform!



Restaurants can use LeadWire to keep connections with their customers. They can use LeadWire to advertise specials, new menu items, and events.  For restaurants with online ordering, directing clients to their website should be paramount and LeadWire allows URLs in the content body of the SMS Campaign.  Sending campaigns at your peak hours will definitely improve your conversion rate, as 90% SMS messages as read within 3 minutes of being sent

Restaurants can segment their audiences by location, interest in certain items, and attendance at events.  

Another ideal use for restaurants are survey campaigns to measure customer satisfaction. They can ask for valuable input about their experience and provide a coupon for successful completion of the survey.  

Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies can manage several customers on LeadWire. Agencies can add multiple Toll-Free numbers and assign a number to each client, moreover, they can also use audiences to segment contacts.  Thus, when building a campaign, each audience will receive the text message from the Toll-Free assigned to them.  Also, LeadWire does not limit user seats, which means user accounts can be created to each account manager in charge of customer’s campaigns.

Agencies can add their clients onto their LeadWire account as a viewer or a user to see their campaigns in action.  Marketing agencies can use LeadWire differently based on the client they are messaging on behalf of.  


Retail stores can use LeadWire to send personalized campaigns about their sales, new (and restocked) products, and give coupon codes. The high open rate of SMS messages creates a sense of connectivity between the store and the customer.  Clear and fast Call-to-Actions are essential in the retail space as attention span is very limited in today’s consumer.

Retail stores can also segment their customers into different audiences (ex. Based on store location, specials shopped, and interest expressed) and target different audiences for best results on their campaigns.  

Car Dealerships

A car dealership can use LeadWire to send out information regarding new arrivals, financing options, and sales.    An example campaign for a car dealership is “Now through the end of the month at Best Cars, get any car for $0 down.” 

What are other uses for LeadWire

There are lots of creative uses for LeadWire. We would love to talk to you about how LeadWire can fit into your marketing plan! 

Employee satisfaction- use the survey feature to measure how your employees are liking certain policies and practices 

Employee reminders- text your employees goals of the day, tips and advice 

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