5 Best Calls to Action for your Campaigns

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Ending your SMS campaign with a call to action is the best way to direct customers to your store, phone, or website. Here are the 5 best calls to action to end your SMS campaign with. 

SMS campaigns are highly visible. It is crucial for marketers to take advantage of clear calls of action to capitalize on SMS’s 98% open rate to increase their click through rates and ROI.

Calls to action can vary based on your goals and objectives, so it is important to know what your goal is prior to sending a campaign.

The most effective calls to action in an SMS campaign are phone numbers and URLs. If your goal is to direct customers to call in their order or questions, make sure to include that number. If your goal is to direct customers to your online system or website, include the applicable URL.

When including a URL on your SMS campaign, your customers will see a link preview. This is a great way to interest customers with attractive link preview images. Make sure this image is eye catching and conveys your SMS campaign goals.

SMS Campaign

1. Learn More, See How

If the goal of your campaign is education(about a new product, item, sale), “See How” or “Learn More” are excellent call to actions. You can direct customers to your website to read more, watch a video or call you for more information.

2. Shop Here

“Shop here” is a great call to action to encourage your customers to purchasea physical product. For example, you can include a link to shop your newly debuted new summer line!

3. Reserve Yours, Buy Now

For time sensitive offers, using language surrounding time is an effective way to encourage your customers to click or call immediately.

4. Get Coupon

You can direct customers to your website to download coupons or offers. This increases click through rates and is a great way to get traffic onto your website!

5. Get Started

If your goal is to get sign-ups or registration, get started is a great call to action to encourage people to get involved! Make sure to specify a sign up time frame for best results.

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