How can Influencer Marketing help my Business?

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When you are marketing your business, word of mouth and personal recommendations of your company can go a long way. This way, customers are given a warm introduction to your brand and their perceptions of your company are framed positively because of the trusted recommendations. While word of mouth through friends and acquaintances is great, another way to benefit from trusted recommendations is through influencer marketing.

Influencer Marketing is marketing your business through people called “influencers” who have established authority in a specific niche. Attracting and gaining interest of these influencers can be a major asset to your marketing strategy. It is important that the influencers who are marketing your business are relevant to your niche and your positioning strategy and trusted in your specific market.

For example, if you are a clothing company (All Sweaters) then your chosen influencers should be trusted in the fashion and sweater market. Your campaign would not be as effective if you chose a food blogger as an influencer

When you engage in influencer marketing, you are paying for the trust the influencer’s followers has for them. Their followers tend to trust them more, especially when the influencers are strategic in their suggestions in their specific niche. Think about Oprah’s holiday picks- people automatically trust these picks because Oprah recommends them! Of course, not all influencers are as famous as Oprah, but they have developed their niche area of influence. Micro-influencers (>30,000 followers) are a cost effective way to share your business with a trusted audience. 

This practice can be a great way to increase your return on investment, because you are receiving a recommendation from a trusted member of your niche position in the market. Micro influencers are especially cost effective for your ROI!

Different platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter each have their own benefits when engaging in influencer marketing.

  • YouTube is a great way for the influencer to share longer videos, behind the scenes, or reviews of your business! For example, a chosen influencer can do a try on haul for their clothing choices at All Sweaters
  • Instagram is great for sharing photos or stories about your product. You can walk people through your product or service in short clips, or snap a great picture showcasing your business. For All Sweaters, their influencers can post some pictures in their favorite sweater or give their followers a tour of your store on their story.
  • Twitter is known for short tidbits of information and links/photos to learn more. All Sweaters can take advantage of the tread feature on twitter and have their influencers share threads of their favorite outfits at the store!


Influencer marketing is a wonderful way to increase your ROI in your marketing strategy! These people have developed a trust in their niche audience and your company can greatly benefit from using some of that trust!

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