Branding and Building Brand Affinity

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Like many marketing techniques, marketers want to aim for loyal customers and relevant associations with their company. A great way to tackle this is through branding and building up your brand loyalty and affinity. Customers like going back to places that resonate with them, so make sure your branding strategy attracts your target customer persona!

Branding and brand affinity are important marketing tools that keep your customers coming  back time and time again.

Branding is developing iconic symbols, colors, logos, and personas associated with your company. When it comes to colors, symbols and logos-It is crucial that your branding strategy is consistent with how you hope your customers see your company. If you want to be seen as a sophisticated company, but your branding is cartoonish, your customers will not see your brand as sophisticated. Rather, your brand will be associated with these cartoons. If you want to be seen as a fun and playful company, you should not brand your company like a sophisticated group. Branding attracts your desired customers, so make sure your branding strategy is planning accordingly!

Creating a brand goes beyond just logos and colors. Your brand is also the persona or associations your customers have with your company. If your company known for your sizeable charitable donations, that is a part of your branding. Further, if your company sponsors a sports team, you are connecting their branding with your own. Make sure your outward branding is the same as your inward values

With excellent branding comes brand affinity. Customers have brand affinity when it comes to companies they come back to time and time again. This relationship is cultivated when the branding of a particular company resonates with their personal goals and values. Obviously, different customers have different values. It is important that your target customer segment shares your same values.

If your company is known for your charitable giving and sustainable practices, your target customer may be willing to pay higher prices because their values align with yours.

Further, if you sponsor a local sports team, sports fans may be more likely to frequent your business. These branding techniques have nothing to do with logos and colors, but are a major factor in your brand affinity.

Engaging in intentional branding practices to match your internal values will help your company by attracting your target customer persona and developing brand affinity!

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