Things you SHOULDN’T do when using SMS Marketing

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SMS Marketing have a lot of benefits but only if used right and effective. Few companies fail when creating an SMS Marketing campaign because of the poor knowledge in the text to customer relationship. Here I wanted to highlight the top 5 things you shouldn’t do when creating your Text Message marketing campaing for your company.

1.Don’t bombard customers with messages

If you don’t have anything useful to say or offer, simply stay silent. Your SMS marketing messages must deliver value and a real-time benefit to those who opted in for your SMS communication

2. Don’t forget to identify yourself

 Make sure your subscribers know who is texting them because this is of key importance for your brand recognition. Once you clearly identify yourself to your audience, your messages immediately become relevant and engaging

3. Avoid text slang and abbreviations

Remember, not everyone understands texting abbreviations and slang. Although it might seem smart to take advantage of the limited space in a more rational way, you’re risking to confuse your customers.

4.Don’t send without segmentation

 People can get annoyed if they receive messages unrelated to their preferences. It is not the same platform as email. That being said, the open rate of SMS messages is close to 100 percent. Relevant content can bring great results.

5. Don’t forget a call-to-action

People simply like to be told what to do after they’ve seen a certain marketing message. If you don’t tell them what their next action should be after they’ve read your marketing content, your message has no point at all



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