Promov Converts Ride Sharing Passengers with LeadWire

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At LeadWire we’ve partnered with Promov, the leading ride share vehicle advertising platform in Puerto Rico that is changing the way businesses advertise in a more personal and localized way.  Their service consists of placing interactive screens on ride sharing vehicles that show passengers an array of advertisements from different business relevant to their location, past interactions, or time of the day.


Promov turned to LeadWire to further passenger experience by integrating LeadWire’s Sign-up forms using our QR-Code generator and placing them on their ads to allow passengers to sign-up to those businesses marketing campaigns.  This will allow Promov customers to grow and reach new audiences beyond promoting their brand, these audiences could in turn be retargeted with text or multimedia message campaigns.

With this partnership Promov adds a full conversion cycle to their advertisements, besides allowing their customers to automate and customize a welcome message, that may contain a discount coupon, an event promotion or general marketing notifications.

“At Promov, we’re constantly looking for ways of providing easy access to information, LeadWire gives us ability to create an added value by including QR codes in our customer’s ads to help them grow their audience.” said Alexander Carrasquillo Founder and CEO at Promov.

The way Promov uses LeadWire is one of the main reasons LeadWire exists, many businesses (especially in the B2C space) lack enough touch points with consumers, this in turn opens a door of possibilities for marketing channels that allow businesses to create deeper connections with their customers. 

To learn more visit https://promov.co/powerful-qr-code/

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