SMS Messages to Fall in Love this Valentine’s

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This is the season to celebrate with your loved ones! Family, friends, and significant others, Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to show your love and appreciation. Surprise your customers with some lovely rewards and thanks through your marketing channels: SMS is the easiest!

Valentine's SMS

Let’s talk about some facts. After a record-breaking holiday season, Valentine’s Day has become an important day for businesses. An average of $195 is spent per customer, why not take advantage of it. Mobile messaging is a great way to keep customers engaged. Let’s start with some examples to make your brand stand out. 

Important tips while composing your SMS:

  • Include images or graphics (if applicable). A text message offers limited space to make an impact, so use images or graphics to make your message pop. Show off items on sale or create a graphic that details the sale.
  • Include a signature. Consider setting up a text message signature so customers can see right away who the text is from.
  • Create a solid CTA. Stir curiosity and get customers to act with the right Call To Action.
  • Remember SMS has a 98% Open Rate.

1. Design heart-warming campaigns

Valentine’s Day is a Special Day! Send your customers a personalized and sensitive message and let them know you’re thinking about them. A discount via text may be more impactful than delivering the same message over email. An email is a valuable tool for businesses, but it’s not always the most visible medium. Consumers who don’t read all their emails and messages can easily get lost in a crowded inbox. However, a text message ensures your recipient will see your discount offer. 

EX. <Name> We want to show our appreciation for your loyalty. Get 20% off if you buy before February 14! Set your appointment to get your discount! 

2. Give some love with some Flash sale SMS promo with links to your products

Get the word out quickly to your opt-in list by notifying them first. 50% of customers plan to make an online purchase this season and more than 30% use their phones to research, compare prices, learn more about the product or redeem coupons.  Make it easier for them to shop the way they want by sending them links via text. Furthermore, you do the work for them, so all they must do is click on the URL provided and make the purchase. Send them also a coupon code. Ask us for more information on this!

EX. <Name> Feel the love! Don’t miss the opportunity to be the first to shop our new items. Shop now: www.leadwireapp.com and redeem your coupon.

3. Use a keyword in your SMS Strategy to interact with your customers 

Set up a keyword (e.g., LOVE) that customers can text to easily and receive your Valentine’s Promo. Therefore, you can use the keyword in SMS signatures, on your social media pages, or to sign in your shop promotions and have them receive some love.

EX. Text LOVE to 787-304-0071 to receive our promotions and offers.

Replay message: Happy Valentine’s! Thank you for signing up to receive our promotions! Use LOVE2022 in your next online purchase and receive 20% on your next online purchase

4. Use SMS to promote your Valentine’s Special!

In-person events may be limited this year and reservations are a must. Texts can help to rush the customer to reserve their space faster. Send out a message with a link to your event’s registration page and send out a reminder text when the event date approaches.

EX. Hi <Name>! It’s from (your business’s name). Don’t miss out on our Valentine’s Event! Click here: URL and get all the information.

5. Send a Happy Valentine’s text message

Not all your Valentine’s season text messages have to be sales-driven. Sometimes, customers appreciate a simple message wishing them a happy and grateful day.

EX. Hi <Name>! Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at (Company Name) May your heart be filled with happiness, as ours are, having you as a client!


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