Short and Sweet for SMS Holidays Promotions!

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SMS marketing might be the answer to boost your holiday campaigns. Once you’ve built an audience of people who want to receive SMS campaigns, follow these strategies for effective holiday text-message marketing during this season. SMS marketing could be just what you need! 52% of consumers say they prefer to receive communication via text for marketing and promotional messages.

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When it comes to email vs text, SMS has a much higher open rate and can require less work to compose. Sending a text to your customers ensures that your message will be seen. Below, we provide tips on how to write an effective marketing and promotional text. Also, include templates and examples showing how to use these messages with customers.

Important tips while composing your SMS:

  • Use images or graphics (if applicable). A text message offers limited space to make an impact, so use images or graphics to make your message pop. Show off items on sale or create a graphic that details the sale. 
  • Include a signature. Consider setting up a text message signature so customers can see right away who the text is from.
  • Create a solid CTA. Stir curiosity and get customers to take action with the right CTA.

1. Discount message to attract customers with prize incentive

Sending your customers a discount via text may be more impactful than delivering the same message over email. Email is a valuable tool for businesses, but it’s not always the most visible medium. Consumers don’t read all their emails and messages can easily get lost in a crowded inbox. A text message ensures your recipient will see your discount offer. Send them also a coupon code. Ask us for more information on this!

Example: Treat yourself for the new year. Sessions are 20% off TODAY ONLY! Stop by the to get your discount and use this coupon! https://ldwr.app/c/AJxjaGr8RT

2. Flash sale promo SMS with link to our products

Get the word out quickly to your opt-in list by notifying them first. 65% of customers plan to make an online purchase this holiday season. Make it easier for them to shop the way they want by sending them links via text. You do the work for them, so all they must do is click in the URL provided and make the purchase.

Example: <Name>, don’t miss the opportunity to be the first to shop our new items. Shop now: https://ldwr.app/31akLUC


3. Use the keyword to give them more options

Set up a keyword (e.g., HOURS) that customers can text to easily see when your business will be open throughout the holidays. You can use the keyword in SMS signatures, on your social media pages or on signs in your shop or office.

Eample: Happy holidays! We’ll be open during normal business hours through (insert date) from (insert time range), Have more questions? Just reply hours to this text, and we’ll reply with the days we will not be open.

4. Event announcements and registration

In-person events may be limited this year, but texting can help drive signups for virtual gatherings. Send out a message with a link to your event’s registration page and send out a reminder text when the event date nears.

Example. Hi <Name>! It’s your friends from (your business’s name). Don’t miss out Christmas /New Years Event! Click here: https://ldwr.app/jJJ3rxU and get all the information.

5. Send a happy holidays text message

Not all of your holidays text messages have to be sales driven. Sometimes, customers appreciate a simple message wishing them a festive holiday season.

Example. Hi <Name>! From all of us at (insert your business’s name), we wish you and a very Merry Christmas. Looking forward to seeing you next year!

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