Building a Strong Content Strategy

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A marketing strategy goes beyond the benefits and features your company can offer to its customers. Your marketing strategy is a way to build up your brand loyalty and affinity. One great way to develop loyalty and brand affinity is through a content marketing strategy, where customers turn to you for knowledge and expertise and are in turn more connected to your company.

When deciding what content strategy your business should produce, it is key to have a clear understanding of your target customer and customer personas. Having a deep understanding of your target audience makes it easier to curate content and knowledge that this audience will enjoy and appreciate.

Once you have developed a customer persona, think broadly about concepts that those customers will find interesting. A great way to come up with content for your strategy is through brainstorming concepts you found interesting when first hearing about the market. Think about concepts that are closely related to your market and address how and why a customer may find that topic interesting. Make sure you carry around a note pad for ideas or start a note on your phone to put your interesting ideas.

Some of those topics can be related to your business, but often, you don’t mention your company much in your content. A content strategy that your clients can learn from and truly appreciate keeps them interested in your brand and builds up brand affinity.

Content strategy does not have to specifically talk about your company, rather it should provide value to the target audience.

When you create a solid content strategy, your customers will develop brand affinity. Plus, content is a great way to drive new traffic to your website.

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