SMS and MMS Marketing Benefits: Classified by industries

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SMS Marketing is one of the best techniques to attract and connect with your customers. Big companies are using it for sending reminders, offers, and even surveys. SMS has a lot of benefits but, are companies taking full advantage of the SMS Marketing? Here are the benefits of SMS classified by industries. From the automotive industry, to the retail industry. 

1. Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry is one of the most time changing industries. They need to keep up with the customer in the fastest way. For sending promotions of the event you can use MMS Marketing. SMS Marketing works better if you use it for sending announcements or offers. Also, using SMS surveys to understand the attendees, it is definitely one of the best features.

Example: “Ready for the party??? This Saturday you can’t miss the Music Concert. Tickets on sale here:”

Example: “Good morning Martha, your appointment with Dr. Sanchez is next week. Confirm here: (Link)”

2. Health Industry

SMS Marketing for healthcare has a strong impact on the communication with the patient and even providers. The fact that not all people has internet on their cell phones, helps the SMS Marketing. You can send reminders about an appointment that is next week. Tips and information is something that the patient want when they are not in the health facility. Sending recommandations via SMS or MMS can keep them comfortable at their home. Making surveys to receive patient’s feedbacks is essential to keep innovating. With LeadWire you can do that.

3. Automotive Industry

A car is one of the most expensives purchases a person will make. Engaging with them is important to gain their loyalty. SMS and MMS can strengthen the relationship by sending offers about a car that arrives and matches with the customer requirements. You can use SMS Marketing to send announcements about the annual check, recalls, oil changes or air bags replacements.


Example: “Hey Carlos, we have your dream car here on JJ Auto Sales. Come today and I will give you a 20% discount”

4. Retail Industry


Example: “Hey Dily, our big annual sale is tomorrow, Click on the link to be a part of our VIP program (Link)” 

Most of retail stores uses Email Marketing and are not satisfied with the results. SMS Marketing performance are higher than email marketing. You can send exclusive offers via SMS and most of the customers are going to open it on the first three minutes. Keeping in touch by sending announcements of future sales are going to increase the engagement. Also, sending coupons is the first thing you should try if you are in the retail industry.

If you haven’t tried SMS Marketing to promote, announce or advertise, you should try LeadWire, one of the best SMS Marketing platforms to help you connect with your customers. For more information click on the button. 

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