Is lead generation the best technique to attract customers?

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As a company we want to attract and connect with more customers to increase our sales but, Is lead generation the best and fastest way to grow our business? The answer is YES. And here are three different ways to generate leads using one of the best marketing software platforms LeadWire. We want you to generate audiences for your marketing campaigns in the fastest and easiest way!


1. QR-Code Opt-in

You can create QR codes for your audience and allow customers to subscribe to your campaigns by scanning the codes. You can place your codes on digital or print media, it is the easiest and most used at the moment! Scanning QR codes grew 1200% during the last quarter of 2010.

2. Keyword Opt-In

For each audience, you can create a special keyword that subscribers can use to opt-in to your audiences by sending them a text message to their assigned free number. This allows them to sign up for your future SMS keyword marketing campaigns. For example, a restaurant asks you to text SMS to 787-304-5397 to sign up for special discounts. SMS is the text keyword. 

3. Subscription Form

Create and customize subscription forms that you can easily embed on your website with an automatically generated HTML code. You can allow customers to sign up for your campaigns on. Getting your form in front of more eyes increases the likelihood that you’ll reach your goals. Leadwire’s embedding option help you seamlessly integrate your forms with the rest of your website, social platform, or CMS.

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