Add your Custom Domains to LeadWire [Product Update]

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We just launched the ability to add your branded custom domain to your LeadWire account when you use any of the features that employ our URL shortener so that you can add your business identity to your Marketing strategy.

Custom URL Shortener

Now, when you add a custom domain to your LeadWire account, the short URL feature in your campaigns will use your new domain automatically so that your customers receive your message with a link resembling your brand.  This will help you increase your Click through rates and trust from your customers, also it will help with message deliverability as mobile carriers will block public shorteners like bit.ly or goo.gl

LeadWire URL Shortener

Other features such as the Opt-in options in your audiences will also benefit from this, as the QR-codes and opt-in links you generate will use this custom domain as well.  Finally, your discount coupons will also make use of your custom domain so when you set your coupon in your auto-replies or send them on your campaigns, your contacts will receive them with your brand.

LeadWire opt-in

Want your own Custom Domain in LeadWire?

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