Introducing Our Unsubscriber Importing Tool [Product Update]

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Text messaging compliance should be one of the most important aspects of your SMS marketing strategy.  Regulations like TCPA and CTIA requires you as a marketer to ask for consumer consent before sending any marketing content and also allow consumers to opt-out of receiving such content.  LeadWire built-in compliance tool, manages every contact that opts to not receive your campaigns anymore by replying with the word STOP to your assigned number. 

However, in an omnichannel marketing effort, you may have several other ways in which your leads or consumers may decide to stop receiving marketing notifications from your organization.  To help your SMS Marketing strategy stay compliant, we’ve added a new tool where you can upload a list of those external unsubscriptions so that LeadWire treats them as opt-out contacts and prevents you from sending unwanted content to your consumers.

Add opt out List

Our opt-out upload tool is attached to your audiences, and you can access it by clicking Audiences > Actions > Add Opt Out Contacts.

Import Opt Outs
Similar to our import tool, you will see a screen with the accepted document specifications and a link to download a template file.  Once you start importing your contacts the system will be working in the background, this process may take several minutes.  LeadWire will now store those uploaded contacts to your database of unsubscribed contacts.

This means that these contacts will be removed from any of the audiences they may exists, and this will prevent you from importing them or adding them to any of your audiences.  The only way one of these contacts may be added to an audience from there on, is by them using any of the sign-up methods provided by LeadWire.

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