Boost sales and grow your audience with SMS & MMS Marketing

LeadWire is here to help marketing teams drive growth with compelling text message campaigns that will increase traffic to your website and generate more inbound calls.  Send out marketing alerts, coupons, discounts, and surveys directly to your audience’s mobile phones in a fast and effective way.

Some reasons to start using SMS Marketing with LeadWire right now are:

  • SMS & MMS messages are a direct and effective communication channel that consumers know and trust.
  • 90% of text messages are open within the first 3 minutes 
  • Text messages have 209% better response rate than phone calls, email or Facebook.
  • 64% of consumers think businesses should contact them via text messages more often.
  • Surveys sent through SMS have better response rate.
  • Fast and easy ways for your audience to opt-in to your marketing campaigns. 
SMS Marketing Campaign

Features to create engaging SMS campaigns

SMS Campaigns

Mass SMS Campaigns

Reach thousands of contacts at once with SMS messaging. Send marketing campaigns such as discounts, coupons, deals, sales events, and notifications. Include Call-To-Actions like URLs and phone numbers.

Click through rate

Clicks Performance

Know exactly how many contacts actually responded to your Call-To-Actions within your campaigns. LeadWire provides within its reports the number of clicks your campaigns had.

Create Surveys

Create Surveys

Conduct market research or receive customer feedback with surveys. In them you can add up to 3 questions and gather answers as single-choice, rating or open-ended.

Set Auto-Replies

Automate Responses

Set automatic replies for opt-in subscribers. This also might be used to implement specific use cases, such as subscribing to receive a discount.

Schedule Campaigns

Schedule Campaigns

Schedule your marketing campaigns to a predetermined date and time. LeadWire will take care of sending the campaign and will notify you by email when everyone receives the campaign.

Embed Subscription Forms

Website Integration

Create and customize subscription forms you can easily embed to your website with an automatically generated HTML code. Paste the code anywhere in your website and start growing your audience.

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